Abaadica Association Charter

Abaadi Charity Association (ACA)

 Association Charter

Article I: Organization Name and Location

  1. At the annual general meeting 07.10.2013 it was determined that the name of the organization shall be Abaadi Charity Association.
  2. The head office is located in Stockholm.
  3. It is a non-political, non-governmental, non-profitable and religiously neutral organization.
  4. The Association’s new charter was approved on 07.10.2013.

Article II: Governing bodies

The highest decision-making regarding the association will be held in the annual general meeting that is led by the association board.

Article III: Purpose and objectives

The organization´s main purpose and objectives are to:


Article IV: Membership

  1. Members shall accept the rules and regulations of the association
  2. Any person can become a member of the organization regardless of their background and residential location.
  3. All members have an equal right to vote and stand for election.
  4. All decisions are made by the simple majority principle, except sections 16 and 17.


Article V: Annual general meetings

  1. The annual general meeting is the highest decision making body and must be held once every year.
  2. The date and location of the annual general meeting is to be determined by the board/management committee and notice of meetings will be issued before 30 days.
  3. The proposal of the annual general meeting shall be submitted by each member or by the board no less than two weeks before that the board shall deliver to exercise an opinion.
  4. Special meetings may be held if necessary decided by the board, in addition to the regular annual meeting.

Article V: Annual general meeting matters

The organization shall be concerned with the following matters, amongst others, at its’ annual general meeting

  1. The determination of present number of members and number of voting members.
  2. Election of Chairman and Secretary at the meeting, scrutinizers and approval of the minutes.
  3. Management committee report.
  4. Financial report.
  5. Auditors report.
  6. Adoption of the balance sheets and income statements.
  7. Removal of members of the Management committee.
  8. Statements/questions about motions.
  9. Selection of membership fee for the next calendar year.
  10. Determination of the work plan for the current financial year.
  11. Determining the financial plan for the current financial year.
  12. Selection of the management committee and substitutes members.
  13. Selection of auditors.
  14. Any other business/decisions.
  15. Extraordinary Annual Meeting may be held when the majority of the members or the Board in writing requests to do so.
  16. An annual meeting – both ordinary and extra – quorum when more than half of the members are present. Otherwise the meeting shall be postponed a month and is quorate regardless of the number of members present.
  17. Those who are not members can participate in the association’s meetings but are not entitled to vote in its’ affairs.
  18. General membership meetings will be held at the time as the Board decides.


Article VI:

The members of the management committee of this organization shall consist of the chairman, vice chairman, secretary, treasurer, two auditors, advisers and additional members who are decided at the annual general meeting.

Article VII: Chairman

  1. The chairman shall represent the association.
  2. The Chairman shall be responsible for undertaking and is responsible to account for their duties to the management committee.
  3. The Chairman is to lead the management committee meetings and is responsible to the implementation of that in good faith.

Article VIII: Vice Chairman

  1. To cooperate/Assist with the President.
  2. The vice-president shall assume the duties of the present in the president’s absence.
  3. To distribute the association’s letters and messages.

Article IX: Secretary

  1. To arrange meetings by the approval of the Chairman.
  2. Shall take accurate minutes (or records) of membership meetings.
  3. To be responsible for the archive.

Article X: Treasurer

  1. To manage the accurate record of all financial transactions.
  2. To collect membership fees.
  3. To make the last year’s financial report of association before 20 days of annual general meeting.

Article XI: Eligibility

Each member of the association is eligible for election.

Article XII: Signatory Power

The management committee will determine the signatory power of organization.

 Article XIII: Financial Management

Financial year is the calendar year. Bank and accounts characterized according to the association’s decision.

The accounts are to be completed together with the management committee members and financial report submitted to the auditors no less than ten days before the annual general meeting. The financial report shall be including the balance sheets and income statements.

Article XIV: Audit

The auditors must follow the committee overall business and financial matters and to submit the annual general meeting report with proposals for the determination of the balance sheet and the issue of liability.

Article XV: Amendments of constitution

The constitution may be amended or revised by two thirds of the votes, which is cast by the members that are eligible to vote at the annual general meeting.

Article XVI: Dissolution of the Association

The organization may be dissolved or wound-up by two thirds of the votes of its’ members at the annual general meetings.