The first event is a Fundraising Concert in Stockholm, Sweden on the 26th of April with performance by Golbang, Parvaz and Sunita Singh. The purpose of this event is to get people involved and raise awareness about the situation in Balochistan.

Jashne bahaarga

Orgnized by Abaadica.org
People who orgnized this event
Homayoon Mobaraki
Nasrin Qasemzahi
Akbar Qasemzahi

Event Host is
Seria Dadiar and Sandra Mobaraki
Assisted by Anwar Haidar

Ticket and location information
Nasrin Sulemani

Date: 26 april 2014
time:  1900
Contact: info@abaadica.org

Event sponsor
Golbang – Parvaz – Sunita Singh – Mobikey – ANS Consulting